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Carl Brown     HPD, DSFH, NCH (Reg)

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I'm Carl and I'm a Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Breathwork Coach. I studied and gained my diploma in Hypnotherapy from the Clifton Practice in Bristol, I'm a registered member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and I hold an enhanced DBS.


I’ve always had a fascination with how the human body and mind work and how what we do and think can alter and improve our chemistry and subsequently our overall wellbeing.  

I've developed a real passion for helping people overcome their mental health issues and have come to specialise in working with people with anxiety disorders and phobias. 

This is primarily as I can relate to them through my own lived experience, which gives me extra insight into their world and often helps them feel a little less alone. 

I'm currently studying to gain further qualifications in nutrition and holistic health as I believe these are fundamental to a healthy mind and body. 




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